Innovative Medical Products For An Ever Evolving World

Exlites Holdings International, Inc is engaged in the Consumer Health Care Market and Durable Medical Supply business. The Company has many customers - both consumer distributors and medical distributors - which purchase many different products from the company. The respective distributors in turn market and sell to their customer base. This gives the company multiple distribution channels which include catalogs, retailers and direct to consumer venues. The company also does contract manufacturing for medical products - specific products both consumer and medical.


Our Business Growth

Exlites Holdings International was created with the vision to manufacture and distribute the highest quality and most helpful products possible. Today, Exlites Holdings is still in the same business and still creating innovative, industry-leading products for both business and private consumers.

Our Mission

The Company’s mission is to develop unrivaled, lasting and deep relationships with our customers by delivering quality products and related services to medical and home care markets with efficiency, consistency and innovation.

Our Board Of Directors & Management Team

Meet the people behind the scenes at Exlites Holdings International

Patrick Brooks

CEO, President, & Director

Claire Singleton

Vice President & Director

Kevin Orton

CFO & Director

Dean H. Becker

Secretary & Director